Features of Oneness Consciousness and Healing Institue

1 Leaning holistic approaches which are truly effective (OCHI)

At our school students learn how to heal a whole person with dealing with physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects. We teach natural and effective healing modalities and have seen many results that have saved clients money, time, and energies.


Healing a Whole Person

One day in Mt. Shasta, California, I met a guy who had severe pains in his elbow. He desperately tried everything from various medical treatment to Chinese acupuncture, but had been no results. For years he woke up every morning with severe pains.

He spoke to me and asked “what should I do”. I told him that I was a therapist and a counselor, and there would be a way to remove his pain. I talked about how healing works and it might not be healed if emotional and psychological aspects are not worked. He also asked how many sessions would be needed. I said “I cannot guarantee but usually my clients say that their pains and complaints reduced to almost nothing or removed completely after one or two sessions. Of course emotional traumas and pains, psychological patterns deeply seated can take longer to get healed and transformed , but in most cases physical pain can be healed in one or two sessions. He said in surprise that he spent so much time and money tried anything he could do to reduce his pain. It is worth trying and not expensive at all if there is any chance for improvement.

I was going to leave there on Wednesday and had only three days left. He requested as many sessions as possible. I said I could do sessions on Monday and Wednesday.

It is a long story but to make it short, he literally tumbled, bent over, bawled when strong energies and emotions, ran through and released from his entire body. After this treatment, he looked so surprised. I asked how his elbow feel and he looked at me with amazement and answered that he had no pain at all.

I counseled him and explained what was happening to him. It was then my turn to be surprised as he revealed how much pressure and stress he had to carry.

After the session he wrote ” You may not be amazed- but I am that… I have spent so much time over the past 6 months focusing on others in my life. My mother slowly died from Cancer, my daughter fought with drug addiction and recently completed rehabilitation, and a good friend and co-worker lost his wife of 30 years just last week. When you brought the focus of energy onto and into my body it resulted in very intense emotional feeling. I am not usually emotional so this was very new to me. Thank you Remi for being so perceptive and complete when you detected that I needed that emotional release.”

This is just one of many cases which shows you that problems can be healed in deeper levels – they might have been waiting to be healed in different and alternative way as such.

What other clients say

‘I had been in depression for years and after one session with you, it’s gone!’ – a woman in 50s

‘I was going to do gastroscopy at hospital next week. But I had a healing session with you and pains went away, now I don’t even need medicine that I was given.’? an office worker in 20s

‘After having treatment at a clinic my finger inflamed and could not bent. My knees cannot bent too. Though after the treatment, I can bent my fingers with no problem no pain and I realized that I can even sit on my knees!’ an old lady in 70s.

They are only a few in many voices we have received from clients.

Of course these are individual experiences, and we must remember that we are not doctors, therefore we cannot say we ‘cure’ or guarantee the same experience can occur to anyone- especially under the Japanese law.

Even though, we feel increasingly confident that our holistic approach is truly important when it comes to healing an entire person. Human body has its powerful natural healing function and when the reasons and causes of the problems are addressed and healed, it recovers and rebalances to its original state naturally.


2 Our Programs

A whole person means that one is a physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual being and all those aspects are interacting all the time. Symptoms and illness are manifestations of imbalance in a person’s energy system.

To be able to work on a Whole Person require broad and deep understanding about selves, others, and how this world is created and how the Oneness and all that Is works. But you can start by learning about yourself and a way to heal selves and others. With your spirit guides, your will be guided to experience more, interact more with people around you such as family, friends, colleagues, and clients.

OCHI’s one year program consists of Power Stone Therapy, Metaphysio-Therapy, Psychic Reading, Oneness Counseling, Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, Lightwork and Mediumship, Healing Psychology for the Era of Ascension and Business Consulting Seminar. Students learn a good range of subjects from a natural therapy to spiritual counseling to make sure that students understand and experience variety of subjects which covers

Some students come to become professionals while some come to learn and grow more spiritually, but they all find new perspectives of themselves and their life, and get motivated to manifest what they are born to be. This will be a life-changing learning experience that truly transforms one’s life, releases negative histories and blocks, brings joy and happiness back to one’s life.

3 Case Studies and Reports

Students are required to submit a certain number of case studies in each course to ensure that they understand, practice and experience as many aspects of their learning as possible. The cycle of practice, observation, assessment and writing about their practice help learners establish a good foundation of experiences and confidence as practitioners. After submission of minimum required number of reports and case studies, students will receive an international accreditation supported by UCC.


4 Who are learning courses at OCHI

Learner’s vocation may vary: Nurse, physiotherapist, Professional care-worker, healing salon owner, personal business owner, and other healing practitioner, as home healer, also wife and mother. They practice and apply the healing tool in their lives and work.

One of OCHI students Emi is a laboratory technician working in a hospital well-known for its unique position which offers various kinds of alternative medicine such as Chi-gong, Chinese Acupuncture, and Aroma therapy. Her colleagues at the hospital – nurses, Chinese medicine doctor, other medical workers has helped practice of her newly acquired natural and spiritual healing modalities. Also she is now helping a client as a palliative care to support medical treatment.

An another student healer and counselor who leant also one year program at OCHI, Mai used to be a nurse who took care over 200 patients who passed away. She put her medical knowledge and experience into healing and counseling her clients, actively practice her service. She is also creative, learnt Channeling Artist Training, and became channeling artist. She puts learning into her creative art sessions and design crystal accessories as well.

An another lady who used to be an engineer leant also one year program – she actively holds meditation circle and gatherings and do healing and counseling sessions putting her management skills and experiences in business into her practice as a healer and counselor.

Runa, who was already a healer also learnt one year program at OCHI and polish and deepen her skills and knowledge, transformed to more powerful and bright healer and counselor. She used to take fatigue and pains from clients though she now understands she was a an empath and how to work with others and clients without taking their pains, symptoms or so.

Yoko, she started learning spirituality in her 50s as her three children have grown up. She used to work in hospital for more than 10 years. Now she is actively enjoying learning and supporting other’s learning by helping as OCHI office. She is going to start her business soon.

There are other wonderful home healers and practitioners- they apply these therapies for self-treatment, remove of or reduce pains and complaints from their children, partners, parents, and friends. Practitioners often work on their own issues or heal more selves, and grow more spiritually. This therapy can cater to all aspects and stages of personal development and contribute to our physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being.


5 Creating opportunities for practice as professionals

Good things to learn at OCHI – students will be given many practical advice how to develop strong areas and suggestion for a long perspective as a professional practitioner on individual basis. Students at OCHI often join demonstration, practice gathering, open event at a larger venue, to broaden their possibilities and brush up their skills and experiences. OCHI is consciously creating these opportunities for students to connect with people in society and seek ways to grow more spiritually and socially.


6 Research and Sharing findings

Now reports and case studies submitted from OCHI students are quite a few. In the near future, we are going to study these cases, compile a paper and report it, and share with other practitioners and clients, whoever have interests. Our next step is to organize each one’s experience and sharing it. We feel passionate that we can help and support therapy practitioners and spiritualist’s practice this way.


7 International Certificate

Oneness Consciousness and Healing Institute is able to issue international certificates to students upon submission of case studies. OCHI are officially certified and registered as a spiritual school and are able to issue international certificates supported by Universal Christ Church, school of spiritualism in California, USA. This means that you become a certified practitioner by officially registered spiritual school.