Talk @ Life Science Society: Prescription for the Modern Age by Remi Kanai

On Saturday, March 25th, I was given the opportunity to speak in the general presentation section at the International Society for Life Information Science conference, where doctors and scientists present their research. The theme of my talk was “Prescription for the Modern Age: Spirituality and Oneness Thought.”

[Here, we share the article translated into english]

Prescription for the Modern Age: Spirituality and Oneness Thought by Remi Kanai

Shifting from Materialism to a Life-First Value System

What is the root cause of the various problems in the modern world? I believe it is prioritizing material values over life itself. In all fields such as education, food, agriculture, commerce, industry, medicine, science, environment, economy, and politics, life, which should be the primary concern, is sacrificed in the pursuit of economic benefits. If the harm is caused by materialism, then the solution lies in prioritizing life as the foremost value. In other words, it is about shifting from a world overly tilted towards material values to one where life is the primary value.

What is Spirituality?

The essence of humanity is the soul, which is metaphysical (beyond the physical). The soul inhabits the body on earth and lives as a human. The human body has a lifespan and ends with death. Therefore, life on earth is temporary, and the soul, which returns to the heavens, is eternal and immortal. Humans thus possess two different characteristics: “physical existence and conscious existence” and “mortal humans and immortal souls.” This is the meaning of spirituality. Spirituality deals with the view of humanity and life and death, representing a micro perspective.

What is Oneness?

On the other hand, oneness conceptually explains the principles of the universe. Everything created, separated from one source, is connected. Since parts constitute the whole, the created world can be changed by the collective consciousness. While spirituality represents a micro perspective, oneness represents the “entire structure of the universe (spiritual hierarchical world)” that gives rise to this world, thus presenting a macro perspective.

Both spirituality and oneness refer to the “metaphysical essence” beyond matter and form. On the path of returning to our essence, we spiral, growing and ascending to the next level of consciousness. In these chaotic times, I feel that as one or two companions gather, like lights being lit, a new era of evolved and integrated humanity is beginning. I will talk about such activities.

I received many interesting questions from the esteemed doctors and scientists, and I felt honored and delighted to witness their high level of interest, sharp intuition, and profound sensitivity. I will continue to cherish these connections and strive to improve myself.



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