“The Book of Oneness: Finding Meaning in One’s Life” (published by Business Co.) Released

English Version

Aiming to Restore the Earth’s Natural Healing Power, Integrating Life and Death Beyond the Body, to a New Knowledge – the World of Spirituality.
Recommended by Ryōichi Obitsu, Honorary Chairman of the Japan Holistic Medical Association!

Guided by Synchronicity and Inspiration, You Encounter This Book.
Introduction: Awakening of Spirituality
Chapter 1: Learning about Spirituality
Chapter 2: An Era Moving Towards Oneness
Chapter 3: Stages of Evolution and Spiritual Awakening
4: Living the Practice of Oneness
Chapter 5: To Those Who Chose to Be Born in This Lifetime – Channeling Messages of Oneness

“Why were we born into this world?”
“What is my mission in life?”
“Why does war never cease?”
“Are the things spoken of in spirituality really true? What is the truth?”

Have you ever pondered such questions? This book is written precisely for those who have ever held such fundamental inquiries. Spirituality and the philosophy of Oneness offer metaphysical considerations that elucidate the meaning of being born and living in this world. Upon reading this book, you will find yourself exclaiming, “Ah, I see, that’s how it is!”

We were each born into this world with a mission. We chose to be born out of our own will to refine our spirituality (soul) through various life experiences. 
On Earth, there are souls at various stages of growth. Different stages of soul growth mean differing values and judgment criteria. This is the cause of mutual misunderstandings, conflicts, and discord. Outer peace is created from inner peace. Understanding the diverse values, judgment criteria, and stages of growth of people is key to addressing the significant challenges, growth, and peace of the soul. Understanding differences, nurturing love and compassion, and recognizing universality and commonality—these processes are concrete steps toward creating a peaceful world beyond conflict.

In this book, the author, who has directly learned from the renowned British medium Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops, systematically explains the true nature of spirituality and the mechanisms of Oneness. Readers will come to realize the essence and purpose of their existence, having chosen to be born in this turbulent era. Fully manifesting the essence and power of oneself, and growing through diverse earthly experiences.

Finding meaning, value, and joy in living in this rare modern era. But how? By knowing the purpose of your birth, understanding the meaning of living, and living life to the fullest. Why not explore the world of spirituality, the essence of humanity, and the world of Oneness, the essence of the world?

■ This book explains the essence of humanity and the principles of the world. It observes and explains the values and intentions of the people who constitute the world from the perspective of the soul’s age—its stage of evolution.
■ Additionally, it includes exercises to deepen your self-understanding, helping you to explore the purpose for which you were born and the nature of your existence.
■ Furthermore, messages from higher beings guide you to comprehend the nature of this world and the meaning of human life within it from a broader perspective. By reading this book, you will gain a new “meta-perspective” that transcends human understanding, achieving a metaphysical understanding that allows you to perceive people and the world differently.
■ This enables you to capture the truth, the real essence, from a “greater self-perspective” that could not be comprehended from the previous “small self-perspective.” This is the path of growth and evolution for the soul, consciousness, and spirituality. This book is designed as a “meta-textbook” for that journey.

About Author

She spoke at EXPO held in Helsinki in 2019 and 2023

Representative Director, International Life Consciousness Association
President, Officially Registered School of Spiritualism in CA, Oneness Institute

Since childhood, the author have experienced mystical encounters, but it was a mystical experience during a visit to the UK in 1995 that triggered frequent spiritual experiences, messages, visions, and insights.

In 2004, She met Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops, a British healer, medium, and spiritual teacher, who guided them to teach Oneness and spirituality. Since 2005, she has been holding personal sessions and, since 2006, regularly conducted meditation meetings, study sessions, and workshops, gaining extensive practical experience.

In September 2008, she received the first certification as a lecturer in Japan from the Universal Christ Church (UCC) Spiritualism School, where Dr. Rogers serves as the director of education. With recommendations from three UCC executives, she was officially recognized as the Oneness Consciousness and Healing Institute (registered in California, USA, and currently serving as a vice-director of the parent UCC).

Since 2009, she has been engaged in training certified therapists and counselors. From 2013 onwards, she has held skill development courses, training programs, seminars, and individual sessions every summer and winter in various parts of Europe, including Finland and Switzerland. Domestically, alongside annual training courses, she also presents at academic conferences, give lectures and courses in hospitals and clinics, and collaborate with doctors and scientists to promote holistic healing approaches, spirituality as the essence of life, and Oneness as the principle of the world.

In the summer of 2019, she spoke at a symposium held in Helsinki, Finland, and at an autumn EXPO, spreading the message of Oneness. In early 2020, following an overseas business trip, the COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation of international travel. She advanced the scheduled autumn online transition to spring, making it possible for participants from overseas and remote islands to attend, further delighting attendees. She have continued to offer a six-month intensive course every year since 2009.

In the fall of 2022, she began a series on “True Spirituality” through an interview with Katsuhito Funai in the monthly magazine “The Funai” published by Funai Corporation. She also lectured at an EXPO in Helsinki, Finland, in the autumn.

In March 2024, She presented her lecture  “Modern Prescriptions—Spirituality and Oneness Philosophy” at the International Society of Life Information Science. In May, “A Textbook on Oneness That Explains the Meaning of My Life” has been published through Business-sha.

About Author’s Activities

From the early stages of her activities, she was encouraged by overseas mentors to write a book and received numerous requests from students both domestically and internationally to publish her work. However, balancing family and childcare, along with lecturing and conducting courses between Japan and Europe, did not allow her the environment to fully dedicate herself to writing. Yet, in this turbulent era, especially with the restrictions on travel and daily life due to COVID-19 in 2020, change was inevitable.

The world entered a period of chaos. Amidst the drastic societal changes, Oneness taught her what to focus on. Consequently, the courses became busier than ever, her time at home with her child became more enriching, and without overseas trips, she was able to conserve her energy and focus more on important family events like her child’s schooling. Previously, her main focus was intensive courses in Japan, but without overseas travel, she could concentrate more on her work in Japan, investing her time and energy effectively and conserving her strength.

This allowed her to feel that “now is the time,” and she began preparations. As we entered the Age of Air, people started questioning “what is essential” and “what is the truth,” making her mission clearer. Publishing this book on the 20th anniversary of her encounter with Oneness is a sign that now is the right time.

Over the past 20 years, the spiritual environment has undergone significant changes. In Japan, consciousness and energy have become widely recognized, and abroad, vibrational therapy has been studied and used clinically as part of medical practice.

Although this book does not delve into medical-related activities, as the Oneness Consciousness and Healing Institute, she has been dedicated to holistic skill development, including spirituality, and training therapists, counselors, and spiritualists. During this journey, she has had valuable opportunities to lecture at medical and scientific organizations, thanks to encounters with researchers in these fields.

Her major presentations at medical and scientific conferences and organizations include:

  • Presenting “Vibrational Therapy: Insurance-covered Crystal Acupuncture in the UK” at the International Society of Life Information Science.
  • Lecturing on “The Importance of Holistic Approaches and Life Consciousness for Deep and Essential Healing” at the Japanese Medical Hypnosis Association.
  • Lecture on “Spiritual Approaches to Healing Life” at a cancer patient network organized by doctors.
  • Conducting a lecture titled “Spirituality: Misunderstandings and Prejudices” for doctors and staff at a major hospital in Tohoku.
  • Presenting “Healing Life Itself: Insights from a Nordic Neuropsychologist on the Essence of Humanity and Metaphysical Healing” at the Awakening Medical Network.
  • Presenting “Modern Prescriptions—Spirituality and Oneness Philosophy” at the International Society of Life Information Science.

She is immensely grateful to have received a valuable recommendation from Dr. Ryōichi Obitsu due to these activities and connections. However, she believes that this recommendation transcends both herself and this book, serving as a great encouragement to many seekers of holistic healing, consciousness, energy, spirituality, and the unity of life. Finally, she expresses deep gratitude for the valuable connections with many individuals that have made it possible for this book to reach you. She eagerly looks forward to new encounters with all those who share and resonate with the spirit of Oneness through this publication. With profound gratitude to everyone.

In May 2024, she received a commemorative recommendation for her book from Dr. Ryōichi Obitsu



To commemorate the publication, she will be holding lectures in Tokyo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. Would you like to delve deeper into the content you enjoyed in the book? Author Remi Kanai will give lectures, hold Q&A sessions, and conduct “Public Akashic Readings,” which have been highly praised both in Japan and Europe. This will be an opportunity to directly experience “touching Oneness,” as well as the healing and vibrational elevation. Additionally, in each city, we will have guest speakers such as practicing doctors (Tokyo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka), an active politician (Nagoya), and a current U.S. teacher (Fukuoka) for unique Oneness talk sessions that you can only hear here.

Please check the link below for more details. (The Japanese) 


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