Before talking about REMI, we would like to tell you a story about her teacher, Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops. Margaret was born in 24 June, 1942 in United Kingdom. Since her childhood, she was able to see people’s auras and heal those who suffered from World War II. She became a well-known medium in her 30s in her home country of England. She counseled royal members, demonstrated channeling to Elizabeth the first for Royal family members. In her 30s, she had Parkinson’s disease which was inherited from her father’s blood line. Although she once died in the hospital, she decided to come back from the other side with hope- her crystal therapies.

Then she started looking into all the history and negativities she carried, released them and changed herself. This crystal therapy was shown to Dr. Margaret by Master Chang, one of her spirit guides, and was able to finally cure herself. After that, she founded Sumaris Education Centre in England and taught these therapies. They are proved to be effective, this is certified and covered by national insurance in the United Kingdom.

It is interesting that Margaret’s grandfather was Japanese, so she has Japanese genetics in her family. In 90s she was invited by a Japanese company to teach people there and she has been coming to Japan for more than 10 years.

One day, she heard her spirit guides saying “We are sad”. She asked why and they replied, one of their team died on Earth and returned to the Spirit world. They talked about seven crowned princesses, there used to be seven, who are are the spiritual teachers that this group of spirit guides sent to the physical plane. Some of them already died and one more came back. Therefore, there are only four left on the planet (in this physical plane) now. Margaret was one of them.

It was the first time for Margaret to hear this information. She asked where the others are. They said one in South America, one in Russia, one in America (herself), and one in Japan. They also said to Margaret “We have one woman you are going to train in Japan”. She asked how she could know this person, they said “You will know when you see her”. Margaret met Remi when she came to her private session to ask about the truth of her soul.

Margaret revealed this story to Remi after three years time and said, “So, when I saw you, I immediately knew you were the One”.

Dr. Margaret is a Fellow of the International Hypnosis Federation, member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, and also the American Counseling Assoc.? Dr. Margaret is Director of Education for the Universal Christ Church and a founding member of the International Psychic Forum and the American Metaphysical Society.

Dr. Margaret’s skills and services have been sought by people from all walks of life throughout the world.? She regularly conducts lectures, panels, workshops, and has had her own TV show called “Psychic Chit Chat” broadcast in greater Los Angeles and locally in Lake Havasu City, AZ. She is also a published author of seven metaphysical books and one novel.

Who is Remi? – How she worked into this field

Remi was born in 2nd December, 1974. Her great grandfather on her maternal side was a vicar of an English church and teacher on northern island of Japan. He also translated many English documents sent from Great Britain into Japanese, and wrote a few books. Remi’s mother Chieko met Kosuke and had a baby and they named her Remi, a little unusual for a Japanese.

Remi was a child who spent her time talking alone. Adults around her wondered who she was speaking with, and found no-one there. Also she delighted adults around her and made friends wherever she went. In her childhood, she repeatedly saw the same dreams that seemed to have no connection or relevance to this life.

One day, on the way home from kindergarten, she was in a car waiting for her mother’s return from shopping at an open air market. Suddenly, Remi noticed the women who were shopping there became very pale and white, their individual appearances faded away and transformed into white light beings. Each white light had a white path in their front and their back. Some of their paths crossed each other, some paths were parallel, others were divided. She felt that each individual had their own path and they exist in many ways, however making a connection for each could be different. She had a spirit guide behind her showing this vision of Man’s spiritual paths in life.

When she was seven years old, Remi and her school friend were doing homework in the friend’s home. The friend’s mother scolded her daughter because she did not want to do it. Then Remi calmly explained to the friend why they needed to do their homework. Friends’ mother was shocked by the way Remi talked to her friend. The girl’s mother said she learnt from Remi there is a better way to teach her daughter rather than yelling, or forcing her to do something.

Remi was often told ‘wise’ and ‘different’ child – by adults around her and they often told that they forget how old Remi is even though she was young. People ask their questions or ask how she feels about a certain thing, and answers flow from her mouth. Those words often change questioners’ point of view, help them understand and gain a positive perspective. Most notably, people get reassured and healed, and gained peace of mind.

In her teenage years she had dreams at nights about possible third world war and conflicts. In awaking state she had visions and ideas of other dimensions, earth’s past and future. Those visions and dreams naturally drew her attention to prophecies from old times, environmental problems of our planet such as polution, resources, population, conflicts and the future of our civilization. She started studying those areas in her free time in junior high school. There was plenty of time as she had injured her lumber bone in gymnastic club and her doctor advised her refrain from excercise.

When she was 20 years old, her father took her to England for holiday and his business. She had a strong spiritual experience at the beautiful white corridor of Gloucester Cathedral for meditation and monks’ study area. She suddenly had a sense that she lost her density of her body and individuality, so expanded into atmosphere and one with the place, almost herself becoming air. Indescribable feeling of joy and fulfillment penetrated her being. After this at all new experience, her visions, messages, and a tremendous feeling of joy and fulfillment started to occur quite often.

Gone back to school, on a hot day in summer Remi was sitting on the lawn under a tree in the university campus watching numerous particles around her. Those energies were going round so fast, she wondered what they were and realized that there were things beyond normal physical eyes could perceive. Just sitting under the tree, she experienced sudden understanding that the existence and life of all being – a circle of Life, got strong flush of love, inner joy and peacefulness. In those moments, tears came down. Also she started hearing and seeing a lot of teachings and stories, which answered to profound questions that she had had but no one to answer. Sitting in nature, walking home/school, even while sitting in her room, questions rose up in her mind – why some people have religion ?fight each other, what is the difference between Man’s faith and religion, what is human nature and perception of the world – and answered in vision, sound and stories that lead her understand and satisfied.

There was a person who happened to meet Remi at a train station. They talked with each other for about 10 minutes. A week later that person spoke to Remi again and told that she was going to commit suicide a week ago when she met Remi in the station. But she changed her mind after talking with her. She expressed her gratitude even though Remi was not aware of her intention at the time they talked.

While she found great joy taking inner journeys and expressing her perceptions outwardly, on the other hand, she was in a quandary about her life vocation. One day, an old man with a white beard holding a white cane, dressed in white robe appeared to her in her head. This man gave reassurance and guidance about her life direction saying ‘I understand what you are feeling. Though, go to the world to learn about people, organizations, and society. Then, you will come back to what you want to do’.

One night, a nice gentle voice of woman saying ‘slow down’ saved her from a possible big car accident. Another night, she was sleeping in the rear seat of the car which her father was driving. She suddenly heard an yelling voice “Dangerous!” and got awake then. Her father avoided an accident – there was a car behind them trying to get over them but it was in a blind angle, her father did not realize that. If he did not turn his wheel back and went back to the original lane, they would have crushed each other in very high speed – more than 100 km/hr.

Surprisingly to her, yelling voice was her own. She wondered who knew the car behind them in a blind angle trying to get over – she was sleeping and did not know the situation at least consciouslly.

Remi did not quite know how those things occurred to her. But deep understanding and empathy on Life and with all being arose in depth within her which often brings tears of love and joy, and these experiences were strong enough for her to realize that there is a universal order and power behind all. She trusted it from the bottom of her heart and had even faith in it.

She recorded these understanding in her journals; more inspiration and findings came to her and she made them into a small booklet. She gave them to her family, relatives, and friends. Readers said that it became their most favorite ‘book’.

After graduated from university, she worked for a few years saving up and went to UK to study English in 1999. After studying an year course and working as an intership there, she set for her explore in Europe in 2000. The first country she visited was Finland because her beloved friends suggested that she came before to celebrate the Finnish remarkable mid-summer festival together. Wonderful things and beautiful bondings happened there, a few days after, she had near death experience.

She was told before by her inner voice when she was around 13 that she would not die before she does what she has to do in this life. Though this near-death experience in summer solstice in 2000 confirmed that death is not a struggle, suffering, or pain at all even the symptoms that she was experiencing were severe and unendurable.

Death felt like a peaceful, soft and gentle feeling of release from physical turmoil to her. At a night, after shaking and shivering of her entire body, her consciousness got unclear. With unknown time passed, she found herself sitting on her knees on the bed. Her hands and body felt so different from hers, they were so light, no severe pain or shaking at all. It was a total peace for her. Feeling no heaviness or unendurable pains at all, she wondered whose body she is in. she watched her right hand wondering whose hand it is. Then she noticed that the room in the hospital itself was filled with peaceful, serene, and bright light. She watched an empty bed next to her and understood that her uncle died three months ago age 42 did not suffer at the moment of death at all. It felt as if she was uplifted in peace and serenity, she understood then what death would be like.

She had a memory disorder afterwards, short and long term memories as well as her speaking ability were lost for a while. Her brain worked strangely, but she recovered with Finnish medicals and friends care. She clearly realized that there is only one thing which really matters for her, and it was Love. Other things were not so important. She stayed in Finland for a while to have rest and cure, and left there to continue traveling to other countries such as Sweden, Austria, Chezk Republic, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium, and Germany.

She went back to Japan after travelling with many psychic experiences. These experiences were integrated in her awareness about this life and becoming more “full”. After a few months time, she worked for an international organization, multi-national companies, small to mid-sized companies and involved in various groups of people and different cultures. As advised by an old man with white beard, white robe, and white cane said when she was a student, she learnt how people, groups, and society of various kinds are functioning and working in today’s world.

After few years of hard working, a leaving time came. One day at office she was watching one vision of a little boat. She set her little boat and rowed, retiring from a big luxury liner like Titanic. She understood this immediately what this vision meant. It is time for her to choose to go her own path even this luxury Titanic looked safe and promising. She knew that if she stayed in the liner, it would reach a port one day and she would say ‘Here is not where I wanted to come!’ It will be too late then.

A couple of months later she had a Panic attack in the train. This was a big sign for her to confirm the vision and direction she was shown while ago. Doctors gave her medicine which worked too strong for her and she looked lost her energy and autonomy completely. Her family also helped her decide to go for her own path.

Strongly guided by intuition and inspiration to practice and experiment everything that drew her attention. She realized that just taking medication does never cure the problem or illness, this awareness pushed her to seek for more alternative approach; relaxing, nutrition, serotonin diet, aromatherapy, painting colors, self made hypnotizing induction, flower essences, and so on. Since she did not feel like going out by herself because of this anxiety problem, she learnt everything at home. Her husband understood and supported everything she did. Hhelped by her husband and family and led by her strong intuition, she treated her panic disorder and anxiety problem with various natural ways instead of just taking medication as her doctor prescribed. Rather, she let her brain forget about medicine – with her natural hypnotising way.

She had a series of “a-ha” experiences wherein each insight led to another to explore. Great healing and joy toward life came back to her finally – and a new interest in the concept of everything is vibration was arise in her. One day she suddenly had an idea to start meditation as she heard the word ‘meditation’ in her head. She started meditating on that day, and was so amazed – as it was so refreshing and healing and that all the stress and tiredness gone, meditation became her habit ever since. Quite soon, she was led to step into ‘soul’ searching.

One day she was looking at a company brochure with various subjects – herbal therapy, Aura soma, hypnotherapy… and her eyes were drawn to a face of a teacher whose name was Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops. Remi immediately felt this person was definitely an appropriate one who really knows about the truth of her soul. Remi met Dr. Margaret at the mid of November 2004. She told Remi that ‘You are very psychic. You are a natural counselor, a healer, a teacher, an organizer, a demonstrator and so much more! But it is like you are saying “please call me an artist”.’ It was apparent for her that the whole reading session and also her books showed that Dr. Margaret is a true master teacher.

Encouraged and advised by her, Remi immediately started learning, taking her courses with passion and devotion, and things happened so quickly, so intensely. Her psychic abilities were developed and spiritual consciousness were surfaced at everyday basis, often followed by opening more and more connections with her spirit guides and the Oneness.

Remi started her healing and counseling practice in 2005 as a therapist and counselor. Asked by her friend she formed a meditation group in 2006 for people aged 30s to 60s with all the support from her friends, teacher, and spirit guides. Also by students’ requests, this monthly channeled lecture and meditation became several workshops in different focuses and lasted for three years until she started an one year program at her school. 

In 2007 while she stayed in Mt.Shasta city California for three months, she researched her inner self alone, wrote a series of channeling messages and information, did meditation, met people who are spiritually connected, and also healed and counseled them.

After her coming back to Japan, she left office work and started studying to be a minister practitioner (teacher) under a legally authorized spiritual school in California, Universal Christ Church where Dr. Margaret is the director of education.

After intensive study and practice, she was awarded a minister’s title; Reverend, and its shortened version is “Rev.” in 2008. Her school was legally registered in the same year, named Oneness Consciousness and Healing Institute. 

Since then, she became a full-time spiritual teacher, teaching metaphysics and spiritual counseling and healing. Margaret has encouraged Remi for years to continue her work as well as develop her own teachings saying ‘I taught you everything and trained you as a teacher’.

She established an official website for her school in the end of 2008. From Spring Equinox 2009, she started a one year course containing 7 or more different subjects, students have come and learnt with her. The students greatly changed and improved their life. In 2010, she gave a birth to a loving child and restarted her teachings after 4 months as her students were waiting.

In 2011, she visited a friend in Switzerland for holiday and happened to present an open night for channeling of messages from Spirit Guides, and it followed by private consultations and healing sessions. In the same year, she formed a group of light-workers, started organizational activities, such as a big group fair of psychic and healing in Tokyo in Spring Equinox 2012.

This event was enjoyed so much by attendees, many of them have requested another fair occurring soon. The group actively holds an event periodically throughout an year. In summer 2013, she is invited to come to Finland to deliver messages from Spiritual realm and teach Power Stone Therapies.

Rev. REMI appears a few times in spiritual magazine, in answer to readers’ questions on a website for health and spirituality, writing spiritual articles, presenting cinema reviews from a spiritual point of view, and has written textbooks for her courses on more than 10 different subjects.

Dr. Margaret always recommends Remi when she comes to Japan to teach, saying Remi is continuing her work and is a wonderful teacher so she recommends everyone to go to learn from her. Also Dr. Margaret enjoys Remi’s company, acknowledges her psychic abilities and describes her profound wisdom as “Far beyond her age”.

Although those spiritual abilities being highly acclaimed by professionals of this field, Remi’s grounded and down-to-earth way of teaching, candid and friendly personality deserves a special mention. She has a reputation for healing people in depth, awakening people to their true spirit self, and changing people’s life for the better.

She is a natural soul educator for anyone who seeks their spirituality and desires to integrate these teachings into their lives in this era of ascension with peace and joyfulness.


What International Professionals Said About Her… 

‘Remi is a person that whoever meets her, she has the ability of “Turning of people’s wheel”, meaning change the course of their lives… or even destiny. You are a half Angel, a half Alien!’
-American well-known certified international medium, Angel communicator

‘Her life purpose is to teach spirituality, I recommend her to my business partner company as a teacher’
-American world-known intuitive consultant, author

‘I met a woman like a goddess today’ -English astrologer

‘Remi is a most amazing soul. Her gifts are from beyond what we call “normal.” She has a heart that touches everyone she meets. I can say I love this young lady as I would a daughter from heaven. She, and her heart, are such a blessing to mankind and all who encounter this precious soul.’ -American Bowen Therapy trainer

‘She is meant to be a teacher delivering higher spiritual teachings into this world’
-California based world-known channeler, author, and founder of a mystery school

‘God’s energy. So connected. Almost non-human’ -Japan based deeksha giver and teacher

‘You are a great budda. A great ascended master. I’m serious. I mean it’ -International spiritual teacher, medium, author, professional psychic and founder of several international organizations

What Her Students and Clients Have Said About Her…

‘She’s always been an inspiration to me.’ – Australian spiritual seeker

‘Thank you for being born and living in this time with us.’ – student in Japan

‘I can’t even imagine how my life would be if I had not found this school. Just writing how thankful I am makes me teary’ – student in Japan

‘One session solved 98% of issues I had in my life.’ – Sport training professional and teacher, manager

‘Thank you for your everything you did for us, my shining example’ – spiritual seeker in Swiss

‘Without you, this has never happened!’ – Canadian minister awarded his ministry under UCC and now became a teacher

‘I got an answer to a question I carried over 20 years!’ – student in Japan

‘You are the greatest. I have met so many world-wide teachers. I got recovered from depression I had for years by one session with you. You have all the answers to the questions I have had in whole life’ – client, spiritual seeker in Japan

‘She is a great teacher, such a wonderful woman. And she is so open and friendly, unpretending which I admire’ – student in Japan

‘Life changing experiences’ – students in Japan

‘You lose nothing – you only gain. Just come see what you can get!’ -Angela in Swiss

‘The information about my past lives were beyond expectation. I understand it is very much related to this current life. … Thank you very much for everything you have done for us’ – Ursula in Swiss

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